Thursday, April 16, 2020

Three Types of Web-Based Marketing

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Keem System for Consistently Picking Horse Race Winners

Based in northern New Jersey, John F. Abate leads Success Publishers, LLC, and Marketforce, which are publishers of printed guides. As the owner of Wintrack, John F. Abate provides published resources related to lottery picks and horse racing handicapping. In the latter sphere, one proven approach is the Keem System.

Developed by a German scientist who sought a consistent way of making profits on horse racing, the system was first outlined in his paper “American Horse Racing: A Logical Approach Versus an Emotional Approach.” Employing the innovative approach of reverse statistical equations, Keem took a closer look at the statistical variations presented by losing horses. An elimination process was then employed in bringing the winners into clear focus.

The issue Keem was addressing involved one in which handicappers only looked at traits of winning horses and thus lacked a clear picture of all the variables involved in determining performance in a given situation. The end result was that Keem was able to achieve significant profits on races across the United States and Canada, over an extended period of time.

Rutger Keem’s accomplishments did not end there, as his analytical methods have become standard at many insurance companies in calculating actuarial tables. Keem also presented before the United Nations on calculation methods related to population variations across underdeveloped and developed countries. This approach has since emerged as the standard when analyzing populations. The Keem System can be accessed in full by visiting Wintrack at