Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tips for Betting on Racehorses

New Jersey resident John F. Abate holds an MBA from Monmouth University. John F. Abate presently owns three businesses, Market Force, Wintrack, and Success Publishers LLC. Market Force provides high-quality printed guides on topics such as horse racing. 

For those interested in learning more about horse racing, here are three tips for betting on racehorses:

1. Examine the horse’s race and training history. To gauge its level of fitness, check to see when the horse last raced and how many training sessions it has had. If the horse has been racing and training regularly, it is more likely to be fit. Horses that have not raced for some time may not be at an optimal fitness level.

2. Check the horse’s performances in racing classes. Find out if the horse has shown the ability to outperform its competition by having good placings in previous races. 

3. Determine the distances at which the horse has performed well. Since horses typically run better at certain distances than others, bet on a horse that has proven itself running a specific distance. Avoid betting on a horse that has never successfully completed the distance in question.