Monday, October 22, 2018

Monmouth University Launches Suicide Prevention Initiative

A businessman with a background in information technology, John F. Abate owns multiple online enterprises that provide customers with informational guides on topics such as horse racing, casinos, and gambling. Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial ventures, John F. Abate attended Monmouth University, where he obtained both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in business administration.

Recently, the Monmouth University press announced that it would undertake a new suicide prevention project called “Connect to Wellness: A Competent Community Initiative.” Funded by a federal grant, the initiative aims to reduce the incidence of fatal self-harm at Monmouth by improving access to preventative resources. 

One way that the project hopes to facilitate connections to these resources is through a web-based portal. The portal will provide information to students, staff, and faculty members about safety and wellness. Additionally, it will allow them to easily locate support services for a variety of mental health conditions. The school will also more thoroughly integrate electronic medical records into its operations.

This type of suicide prevention initiative seems particularly important at Monmouth University and other higher education institutions in the United States because the rate of suicide has grown more than three times among young adults since the mid-20th century. Additionally, according to the National College Health Assessment, rates of students with depression continue to rise, increasing almost 8 percent nationally in the last five years. 

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