Monday, December 31, 2018

Major Factors in Selecting a Horse

For three decades, John F. Abate has operated businesses which provide high-quality printed guides regarding various forms of gambling. One form of gambling John F. Abate has focused on is horse racing, where winners can often be predicted fairly effectively using a conservative strategy.

No metric for horse racing is more reliable than past performance, but novice gamblers may not know what to look for. While there's no such thing as a sure bet, these factors can indicate a greater likelihood of winning.

Looking at a horse's prior race lengths and footings can be indicative of potential success. Horses that have placed in the top three at their last three races within a furlong of the current race's distance, on comparable terrain such as dirt or grass, are more likely to win. Evaluating this as strictly as possible tends to lead to solid results.

The horse's last race within 45 days holds several indicators as well. A horse dropping in class relative to its last race (within the last 45 days) is more likely to win the current race. Similarly, if a horse posted a win by three lengths or more within that time frame, that powerful performance could indicate the strong likelihood of a big win.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Practicing Guitar While Standing Up

Formerly a programmer and analyst for Johnson & Johnson: Personal Products, Inc, John F. Abate now works as the sole owner of Wintrack, Marketforce, and Success Publishers, LLC. John F. Abate likes to spend his personal time playing guitar.

For new guitarists, the majority of their practice takes place in the sitting position. While this may allow you to peak over the neck of the guitar and see what your fingers are doing, you should consider mixing things up and standing while you practice. 

If you aspire to one day play in a band or even just to play for a few friends, you will eventually need to learn to play while standing. Once you try, you will see that it is totally different from sitting. While standing, you can no longer hunch your back to peak over the neck of your guitar. Standing will help you to play by feel and memory instead of having to constantly look and see if your fingers are in the right place. 

To play standing, you will need a guitar strap. Electric guitars usually come with two endpins on either side of the guitar to connect the body and the neck to your strap. Most acoustic guitars only have one, meaning you will need to use a strap button, thick string, or shoestring to connect the strap to your guitar’s headstock.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Tips for Betting on Racehorses

New Jersey resident John F. Abate holds an MBA from Monmouth University. John F. Abate presently owns three businesses, Market Force, Wintrack, and Success Publishers LLC. Market Force provides high-quality printed guides on topics such as horse racing. 

For those interested in learning more about horse racing, here are three tips for betting on racehorses:

1. Examine the horse’s race and training history. To gauge its level of fitness, check to see when the horse last raced and how many training sessions it has had. If the horse has been racing and training regularly, it is more likely to be fit. Horses that have not raced for some time may not be at an optimal fitness level.

2. Check the horse’s performances in racing classes. Find out if the horse has shown the ability to outperform its competition by having good placings in previous races. 

3. Determine the distances at which the horse has performed well. Since horses typically run better at certain distances than others, bet on a horse that has proven itself running a specific distance. Avoid betting on a horse that has never successfully completed the distance in question.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Monmouth University Launches Suicide Prevention Initiative

A businessman with a background in information technology, John F. Abate owns multiple online enterprises that provide customers with informational guides on topics such as horse racing, casinos, and gambling. Prior to embarking on his entrepreneurial ventures, John F. Abate attended Monmouth University, where he obtained both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in business administration.

Recently, the Monmouth University press announced that it would undertake a new suicide prevention project called “Connect to Wellness: A Competent Community Initiative.” Funded by a federal grant, the initiative aims to reduce the incidence of fatal self-harm at Monmouth by improving access to preventative resources. 

One way that the project hopes to facilitate connections to these resources is through a web-based portal. The portal will provide information to students, staff, and faculty members about safety and wellness. Additionally, it will allow them to easily locate support services for a variety of mental health conditions. The school will also more thoroughly integrate electronic medical records into its operations.

This type of suicide prevention initiative seems particularly important at Monmouth University and other higher education institutions in the United States because the rate of suicide has grown more than three times among young adults since the mid-20th century. Additionally, according to the National College Health Assessment, rates of students with depression continue to rise, increasing almost 8 percent nationally in the last five years. 

To learn more about Monmouth’s project or to contribute to the school’s suicide prevention initiatives, visit

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Triple Crown Winner Justify Retires with Undefeated Record

John F. Abate is a Monmouth University MBA alumnus who has more than 30 years of experience in programming and business management. As the sole owner of the New Jersey-based Marketforce, John F. Abate creates and distributes guides that include best-practice strategies relating to horse racing. 

In July, it was announced that the most successful racehorse in 2018, Justify, is retiring due to an ankle filling. Justify became just the 13th horse to win the Triple Crown the month prior, when he led the Belmont Stakes wire-to-wire and won with a time of 2:28.18. He was also only the second horse to win the coveted trophy in four decades. The three-year-old chestnut colt only started racing this past year and was the first horse in more than 130 years to win the Kentucky Derby without having prior racing experience as a juvenile. 

Justify also retires as the only Triple Crown winner to have never lost in his racing career, although his was much shorter than the 12 others. He competed in only 6 races. American Pharoah, who won 9 of 11 races, completed the second-fewest races of all Triple Crown winners. Justify's owners had planned on the last race of his career being in the Breeders' Cup Classic, but concluded it wasn't worth the risk. He amassed earnings of nearly $3.8 million in his lone racing season and his breeding rights were recently estimated to be worth $75 million.